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There are six other unique and indulgent flavors in addition to Nun Better Snickerdoodle.This family-owned company uses fresh, local Wisconsin milk to makes its new line of gelatos.To stand out in the crowded supermarket freezer, the company is rolling out 24-ounce tins that come packaged in a cardboard box.SNACK CAKE TURNED ICE CREAM FLAVOR (posted November 21, 2016).SINGLE-SERVE, SOFT-SERVE ICE CREAM FOR THE HOME FREEZER (posted April 22, 2104).Salty Dawg: pretzel ice cream with a salty caramel sauce and chocolatey covered pretzel pieces.Customers can then add their own toppings and decorations to the side and top of the cake.

Orange Cream is bringing the summer to all seasons with sweet Madagascar vanilla ice cream swirled with orange cream.Each dumpling-sized ice cream treat contains around 110 calories.Starting with farm-fresh milk from grass-fed cows, Iskream contains no added sugar.Like all 16 Handles yogurt flavors, My Greek Honey is made from the highest quality yogurt with live and active cultures and is kosher-certified.

Salted Caramel —sweet cream ice cream with blonde brownies and a salted caramel core.Healthy Ninja combines the power of beans for protein and fiber with chia seed, which absorbs nine times its weight in water making one feel fuller longer to assist in weight management.Chocolate Nirvana (made with premium TCHO fair-trade chocolate from the namesake company based in Berkeley, CA).BASKIN-ROBBINS INTRODUCES ITS FIRST FROZEN GREEK YOGURT (posted May 6, 2014).PREMIUM, ADULT-FOCUSED ICE CREAM SANDWICHES (posted January 4, 2017).Three Twins will open a second ice cream factory in Sheboygan, Wis., later this year to fulfill increasing demand nationwide.Mr. Green Tea is distributing the new Crumbs Bake Shop Ice Cream in individual servings and pints sold in grocery and convenience stores across the country.

It is made using a unique French pot process—producing only two gallons at a time.SCOOP SHOP-INSPIRED ICE CREAM NOVELTIES (posted September 18, 2017).Publix rolls out its limited-edition holiday ice cream line, which is now up to six flavors.Twinkies: Golden sponge cake crumbles and cream frozen dairy dessert cones (220 calories each).

Almonds, pecans, fudge inclusions and even bourbon are not new to the brand.ICE CREAM FIT FOR A THANKSGIVING FEAST (posted November 23, 2015).BETTER-FOR-YOU FROZEN DESSERTS MADE USING LOW-FAT MILK (posted June 24, 2014).

This is made possible through a proprietary combination of skim milk, whole milk, whey protein concentrate, xylitol and inulin with other ingredients.Yoplait Original Frozen Yogurt Pints come in seven flavors: Strawberry, Harvest Peach, Strawberry Banana, Cherry Orchard, Mountain Blueberry, Vanilla and Mixed Berry.Each single-serve, 6-fluid-ounce container delivers between 180 and 230 calories, and 14 and 28 grams of protein, depending on variety.The Indulgenza line includes five flavors named for the region where the fruit is harvested: Amalfi Lemon, Apulian Peach, Black Diamond Plum, Ciaculli Tangerine and Roman Kiwi.Mexican Chocolate (chocolate ice cream with a hint of cinnamon and spice).As advertising trends are moving away from subdued colors and black and white, Yasso added pops of color that will attract eyes and taste buds.Available nationally for a limited time only, Peppermint Bark combines crunchy morsels of semisweet Belgian chocolate with a rich, creamy peppermint gelato.Ciao Bella offers its first-ever collection of limited-edition seasonal gelato and sorbetto flavors this holiday season.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough: Vanilla-flavored soft-serve ice cream combined with chunks of sweet chocolate chip cookie dough.Featuring a cleaner, bold font, the new look places an emphasis on flavor, with each of the 14 flavors in the series owning a unique color.We brought it back a few more times over the years, but it has not been sold in stores since 2000.

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The product combines fruit purees and juice with low-fat yogurt.

New premium ice cream line is crafted with fresh-brewed teas and tisanes.The new product comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, with a single pouch containing 140 and 130 calories, respectively.Kemps offers limited-edition, football season ice cream sandwiches.Get ready to look at tons of chocolate and peanut butter goodness.

Chunky London Mist--the malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey tea with a hint of vanilla, rich semi-sweet Belgian chocolate flakes and buttery roasted pecan chunks.Much like how estate-grown wines vary greatly depending on the characteristics of the different climates and soils that they grow in, the same is true of chocolates and vanillas grown in different countries.New Banana Split Sundae is a creamy banana ice cream mixed with crushed pineapples, maraschino cherries and chopped roasted almonds, all surrounded by swirls of strawberry and chocolate sundae sauces.The Nestle CinnaMunch Bars feature cinnamon-flavored dairy dessert covered in a chocolatey coating that contains crunchy cinnamon graham cracker pieces.

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